I remember having this conversation with a someone about how people oftentimes make a judgement in a split second, and then you might have to spend a lifetime convincing that person otherwise. 

I don't know why, but I was driving one day down the coast line and that conversation hit my mind and I remembered that feeling of just honest, real sadness when I finally took in what she was trying to say.

It felt right to just sit down and write a song about being in love with someone, and that no matter what happened, that love will be there, and that will be all that matters.

This was actually the first tune I brought to Ron Haney - I had played him a bunch of different tunes when we first met but this was the one he thought had something to it. 

We basically started everything off with this clean piano track and then started layering in a lot of that cinematic vibe. Everything just kind of breathes and builds, breathes and builds.

At the time, I started jogging around the coast where I live and I think we wanted this song to just crash like a fucking huge wave. I remember listening to the final mix while I was running along the sea wall and I realized this song just hits you like a wave and pulls you into the riptide.

I think that's a feeling everyone should experience. Kind of a way to explain love I guess.

Take care