So back in 2015 I was living in Australia playing a bunch of shows in the folk music festival circuit. I can't remember exactly where I was but I think once you get up out of Melbourne and head more north into Victoria, things get a lot more rural and dry.

I was so, so tired back then. We basically were touring nonstop and I had just finished a long solo tour supporting Mandy Connell. I was basically living on USA time while living in Melbourne and writing songs all day and playing lots of shows, and working for spare cash to pay rent. I was not sleeping at all.

So anyway, I was sitting under this sweltering sun in the middle of a field in Victoria, Australia, where they had literally no shade from the sun and I felt like I was gonna pass out, and a friend came along with his wife and other friends and he could see I was not doing so well.

He kept me company and we were talking about his own band and they had prepared some really beautiful renditions of traditional tunes. We basically were just talking about music and how I was ready to take a break and focus on recording music and making my first LP.

He was really honest with me about his own last record, which didn't come out so well because the engineering got fucked. A lot of me inside was just wondering if it was going to be possible to make a record living out in Australia like the yankee gypsy I was.

Years later, an old friend of mine heard I had moved back to the states and had built my own recording studio. He was shocked cuz he was running all over the place, mostly New York and LA and expected me to be out singing all over the place but I wasn't.

I didn't think he could imagine I would lock myself in a studio and start recording this type of music, but I told him about Australia and all the things I kind of had to leave behind and the things that went awry. And I had started dealing with chronic pain in my hands, but that's another story. 

The thing is, no one can do anything in life truly alone, but sometimes you have to break away because that's the way things go.

People come into your life for a reason, and people leave your life for a reason. And sometimes you end up on your own and have to figure a lot of shit out for yourself. It's not always fair or right but life can be that kind of thing.

I don't know if any of that makes sense, but Solo is like all that. It's just about accepting that there's things about life that you gotta be on your own with, and that's just the way it is. But in the end, no one can survive all on their own.

Someone's gonna come along and say "Hey, man, where'd you go? What happened to you?" Don't become that.

Stay open; let go. Don't be solo. Trust me.

Take care